Journey to Saturn at the National Automobile Museum

Experience space Simulators, take a virtual walk on the moon Titan and enjoy a special Dome Program narrated by Star Trek actor John Billingsley

​​The National Automobile Museum will help to uncover the secrets of Saturn during the next Science Saturday in January with exclusive activities from the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada.

January 14, 2017

Our goal is to educate, captivate and provide unique experiences for our visitors.

Jackie Frady, Museum president and executive director

9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
$12 Admission per person
Register at
10 Lake St., Reno, Nev. 89501

Participants of all ages can participate in hands-on science activities, run a simulated mission in space, and enjoy a special guest presentation. Stay afterward for free refreshments and to visit the rest of the museum where you can explore the exhibits at your own pace!

Guests will be given the rare opportunity to experience space life through a simulated journey to Saturn in an Advanced Spaceflight Lab and perform experiments including a virtual walk on the moon Titan. In addition to the simulated experience, attendees can enjoy a special Dome Program narrated by Star Trek actor John Billingsley, which explores the rings and moons of Saturn through the eyes, ears and nose of the Cassini Space Probe.

Science Saturday will also feature an educational planetary presentation: “Through a telepresence robot,” with a planetary scientist who’s worked with NASA that will share insights about NASA’s ongoing robotic mission at Saturn.

Children and Adults will be thrilled with the hands-on experiments using iPads, light and gas particles to discover the secrets of Saturn’s rings and the mysterious moon Enceladus, a potential site for life beyond earth!

Enjoy exclusive access to the “Be the Astronaut” Exhibit before it leaves Reno to its next home in the San Diego Air and Space Museum!

All Science Saturday guests will receive a NASA-Style ID Badge and a Rover Driver License that allows them to access astronaut training simulators!

Science Saturdays are hosted in partnership with the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada, a nonprofit organization that fosters positive learning experiences and creates long-term interest for students in mathematics, science and technology. Each monthly event features a different theme relating to space and technology, where participants can become an astronaut or scientist for the day.

“Our goal is to educate, captivate and provide unique experiences for our visitors,” said Jackie Frady, museum president and executive director.

Families can enjoy Science Saturdays presented by the CLCNN on the second Saturday of every month from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The museum’s partnership with the CLCNN furthers its mission to provide interactive learning opportunities and STEM education to its members and guests. 

For more information about the National Automobile Museum, named one of America’s Five Greatest Automobile Museums, visit See below for a full calendar of Science Saturday themes.

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Hours of Operation

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Junior              $4 (6 to 18 years old)
Children          Free (5 and younger)
Members         Free

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